Templecombe - Village Photos

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St Mary's Church,Templecombe

Templecombe 007.jpg (87052 bytes)

St Mary's church viewed from Station Road - looking north

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St Mary's church

Templecombe 010.jpg (349848 bytes)

Church & graveyard viewed from Eastern side

Templecombe Primary School

Templecombe 013.jpg (159464 bytes)

School playground

Templecombe 009.jpg (61584 bytes)

View from Throop road entrance

Templecombe 012.jpg (184792 bytes)

School main entrance

General village views

Casterbridge Hall.jpg (321217 bytes)

A357 - Southern entrance into Templecombe looking north towards Casterbridge Hall - formerly the Merthyr Guest Hospital.  This building has now been demolished and replaced with a new housing development.

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Templecombe Manor House

Royal Wessex Public House

A357 - Slades Hill looking north

Vine Street - Looking East towards High Street.jpg (219319 bytes)

Vine Street looking east towards Templecombe High Street (A357) in the distance

 Vine Street-Entrance to Rec.jpg (244819 bytes)

Corner of Vine Street looking towards the entrance to the Recreation Ground

Templecombe High Street looking south.  The 'Bridge' Fish & chip shop is in the foreground, with the Royal Wessex pub behind.

Templecombe 014.jpg (96523 bytes)

Looking north from Throop road - St Mary's church with 'Churchgate' house on right of picture

Templecombe High Street from the opposite direction.  St Mary's church can be seen on top of the hill overlooking the railway bridge.

'Tempus Pugit' Sun-dial sculpture - Templecombe Station

Templecombe 015.jpg (80904 bytes)

Templecombe Station  - Looking West

High Street(1).JPG (91335 bytes)

Templecombe High Street at the southern end of the village looking north

Templecombe 2004 008.jpg (342352 bytes)

View of St. Mary's church overlooking the station - from recreation ground looking North

Templecombe 2004 006.jpg (320165 bytes)

Templecombe Recreation ground - looking North East

Templecombe 2004 007.jpg (319646 bytes)

Looking towards North Wood - from the Recreation ground tennis courts

Recreation Ground.JPG (316702 bytes)

Templecombe recreation ground looking towards the skate ramps and tennis courts

Templecombe 2004 005.jpg (327352 bytes)

Templecombe Sports & Social club - Recreation ground

Merthyr Guest.JPG (322434 bytes)

Merthyr Guest Close looking from Kington View

West Street - Looking East.JPG (240300 bytes)

West Street looking east

Yew tree corner showing High street from the junction with East Street

Hillcrest Road.JPG (342771 bytes)

Hillcrest Road - taken from entrance with West Street

Thales site.jpg (40664 bytes)

'Thales Underwater Systems' work site - looking from Vicarage

Bowden Road - looking east from junction at top of West Street

Village stocks situated at the top of Slades Hill

Templecombe - Surrounding countyside & views

View from North Wood.jpg (64573 bytes)

Templecombe village viewed from North Wood

Westwood.jpg (62582 bytes)

View from Newleaze Farm looking towards North Wood

Templecombe - Bowden Road looking from rear.JPG (332007 bytes)

Houses in Bowden Road viewed from rear across open countryside

Bowden Lane.jpg (198820 bytes)

Looking towards Templecombe from the west along Bowden Lane

Newleaze Farm.jpg (52077 bytes)

Newleaze Farm viewed from the south

Templecombe - In The Snow Feb 2009 (kindly donated by James Thomas)


Templecombe Pageant (kindly donated by Chris Brown